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Mac Repair

Mac Motherboard Repair Service.

Replacing an Apple motherboard can be very expensive, we can diagnose the problem, and if possible, fix the motherboard .

We Offer  Apple and Mac Repair, for both laptops and desktops. We service all Apple computer devices, including Power Mac, Mac Pro, iMac, Powerbook, Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, and Mac Mini models.
Our services are significantly less expensive than visiting the Apple, We use both original Apple parts or compatible replacements, as requested by the client and by availability. We also have a much faster turnaround time, averaging between 3-4 business days for all repairs.

We can repair your Macbook or Macbook Pro screen. We replace screen for a variety of symptoms, such as broken screen, vertical lines on the LCD, dim or dark image, backlight not functioning, and flickering or blinking screen.



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