Jun 25

Update for Windows Update has teething troubles

Microsoft has released an unscheduled, non-patch day update for Windows to update the Windows Update function itself. However, according to reports from readers, the Windows Update Agent update does not always run smoothly; The H’s associates at heise Security also ran into problems on their test systems.

A staggered dissemination of the update has been taking place over the past three to four days. Users who run Windows Update are confronted with a message which says that an update for Windows Update needs to be installed before the system can check for other updates.

Before installing any other updates, users first need to install the Windows Update Agent update On some computers, clicking the “Install Updates” button results in a failed installation with error code 80070057 or 8007041B. On heise Security’s test Windows 7 computer, repeatedly attempting the update (click on “Check for updates” on the left) did eventually result in the update being

The update in question upgrades the Windows Update Agent from version 7.4.7600.226 to 7.6.7600.256; it is not, as some readers have feared, a virus. After upgrading, the Windows Update Agent is automatically restarted; users do not need to reboot Windows

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Jun 25

Debian 7.0 “Wheezy” about to be frozen


Debian logoThe Debian release team has announced that on 30 June, the Debian project will stop the automatic migration of packages from unstable to testing; with this move, the development of Debian 7.0 (Wheezy), which is currently being prepared in testing, will be frozen.

During the freeze phase, no further major changes will be integrated into the Linux distribution and work will instead focus mainly on bug fixes. As during the completion of the current version, Debian 6.0 (Squeeze), the freeze process will be gradual; if developers still need to update packages, the release team has said that it will adopt a liberal acceptance policy in the early stages. Details on this procedure are to follow.

Debian 7 is roughly scheduled to arrive in early 2013 and is planned to be based on version 3.2 of the Linux kernel. In mid May, the Debian developers released the first alpha of their installer, which uses Ext4 as its default filesystem and offers ARM support.

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Jun 24

Google updates Android developer site ahead of Google I/O


Google has redesigned the Android Developers site, ahead of next week’s Google I/O conference Zoom
In the run up to the Google I/O developer conference, Google has rolled out an updated and redesignedAndroid Developers site. The company has also given application developers the ability to respond to reviews of their applications on the Google Play store. But, not all the news has come through official announcements as it appears an accidental leak has disclosed that the next version of Android, dubbed “Jelly Bean”, will be version 4.1.

Google’s redesigned Android Developers site now employs the same font and design principles as the operating system itself. The site’s content, beyond the Apache 2.0 Android Open Source Project documentation, is now licensed for reuse under a Creative Commons licence (CC BY 2.5). The site will most likely be updated with more information after Google has made its announcements at the Google I/O conference starting on 27 June in San Francisco.

One of those announcements is expected to be the next version of Android. The new name and version number will not be a surprise after a developer who was browsing prices for a Galaxy Nexus found a listing for the device which referred to “The latest smartphone from Google, soon the first phone with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.”

Google has also updated the developer interface of its Play store to enable developers to reply directly and publicly to reviews of their applications. The user who left the review in the first place will be informed by email that the developer has responded. The feature is only available to “Top Developers” at present but Google expects to roll it out to all Android developers “in the future.”

Meanwhile, Amazon has announced that it will soon launch its own Appstore in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. Currently, developers are being asked to submit their applications so that they will be ready when the Appstore goes live. According to Amazon, the launch will happen “this summer”.

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