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Sep 24

Modularisation dropped from Java 8

The project to modularise Java, Jigsaw, originally planned for Java 7 and deferred to Java 8, has now been pushed back to Java 9, which is due to arrive in 2015. Mark Reinhold, Chief Architect of the Java Platform Group at Oracle, says in his blog that his proposal to defer Project Jigsaw met with evenly divided feedback, but ultimately the decision rested …

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Sep 02

Only 9 of 22 virus scanners block Java exploit

According to an analysis conducted by the AV-Comparatives test lab on behalf of The H‘s associates at heise Security, less than half of the 22 anti-virus programs tested protect users against the currently circulating Java exploit that targets a highly critical vulnerability in Javaversion 7 Update 6. Two versions of the exploit were tested: the …

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Aug 29

Java 0Day: Turn off Java applets now

  All versions of Java 7, including the current Java 7 update 6, are vulnerable to the hole that is already being exploited in the wild. With the publication of a vulnerability notice by the US-CERT and warnings from the German BSI (Federal Office for Information Security), the best advice for all users is to disable Java applets in their browsers on …

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Aug 25

JavaServer Faces comes to Liferay portal

Liferay has released a “general availability” version of Liferay Faces, an implementation of JavaServer Faces for use within the Liferay Portal software. Liferay Faces is an open source project designed to increase the interoperability between Liferay Portal and JavaServer Faces by implementing libraries compliant with JSF 1.2 and JSF 2.0/2.1, and ensuring that the platform …

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Aug 13

Java for graphics cards

  Phil Pratt-Szeliga, a postgraduate at Syracuse University in New York, has released the source code of his Rootbeer GPU compiler on Github. The developer presented the software at the High Performance Computing and Communication conference in Liverpool in June. The slides from this presentation can be found in thedocumentation section of the Github directory. In his presentation, Pratt-Szeliga compares …

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