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Aug 29

LibreOffice 3.6 maintenance update arrives

  Version 3.6.1 of LibreOffice is now available and fixes more than 90 bugs found in the 3.6 release of the open source productivity suite from earlier this month. These include fixes for problems that caused the application to crash when, for example, closing the Report Wizard, hiding sections in the Writer word processor, saving some ODS files as …

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Aug 02

LibreOffice vulnerable to multiple buffer overflows

Three weeks after releasing LibreOffice 3.5.5, The Document Foundation has confirmed that security holes in earlier versions of the open source LibreOfficeproductivity suite can be exploited by attackers to compromise a victim’s system. According to the project’s security advisory, these include multiple heap-based buffer overflow vulnerabilities in the XML manifest encryption tag parsing code. Successful exploitation of the vulnerabilities could …

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Jul 12

LibreOffice 3.5.5 update improves stability

Six weeks after the previous 3.5.4 update arrived, The Document Foundation has released version 3.5.5 ofLibreOffice. This fifth maintenance update to the 3.5.x branch of the open source office suite adds no new features, instead it focuses on fixing nearly 90 bugs. According to its developers, LibreOffice 3.5.5 features various minor improvements to the Calc spreadsheet program and the Impress presentation …

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Jun 27

Second LibreOffice 3.6.0 beta arrives

  The LibreOffice project has quietly released a second beta of version 3.6.0 of its open source productivity suite. As usual at this stage, the developers have focused on improving overall stability of the application by fixing nearly 40 bugs found in the previous beta. These include problems that caused it to crash when accessing some settings, opening …

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